the official blog of the - "Real dreams, Real eyes, Real minds, Real actions- LIFE-REALIZED.".""

as a part of something else, which is related to enabling human expression. :)

more accurately, facilitating ease of human expression. :o)

thanks, -Omar // .:. your humble engineer and dinosaur wrangler.

we will start the process of functionally analyzing extant protocols for translation into fully native natural systems.

thanks, -Omar // .:. your humble engineer and dinosaur wrangler.

Anthony Bear actually – and since you went to school for math, and have the brain you do when I met ya and still do but more eloquent, more evolved and more agile- since then, you already know that-

algorithms can do anything. lets just bring that accurate math perspective into our discussion, since there are a lot of people reading this- and a lot of people that look up to you, and a lot of people that look up to me. It is our oweness to nudge and actualize their human potential as they electively seek it, and to pace the rest of the world gently with the output of our creations.

okay everyone. so first things first. algorithms are math. they are not something facebook, or myspace, or even friendster invented. it's all solid math, and while you can patent one, because it's a recipe, like a cooking formula, it doesn't make food obviously- hey zenial we dont know how to relate to you , but we see that you dont totally trust us, and we are trying to let you know we are okay and want to co-exist.

so when you think we are being salty, we are sharing both two things- our collective experience as someone older than you, who wants to understand what the same thing was like for you, because we have the perspective of three distinct worlds, and honestly besides going towards a nature based relaxed life where everyone shares stuff, everyone has access to medicine and health care, and doesn't have to do jobs they dont want to, but also nobody is out getting in trouble because they aren't at work- and the world just gets along and netflix and chills. we want that too.

but we need to decide which way to nudge the stuff we have been working on since literally before you were born, usually- and make sure it takes you and how you want to live into account.

so stop telling us all this “OK boomer” shit- and playing with us as some kind of amusement. we are at a transitional point in our time here on this planet- and we have been trying to connect with your generation to push this one way or the other, but you are not very cooperative in helping us, and would rather just make fun of us, play with your instagram account, and pretend that its okay you never developed a normal sense of self identity due to technology saturation and your time not spent in nauture outside eating dirt playing in trees and bodies of water, like literally every single human being over the age of 40 did, for at least the first ten years of their life. if not longer.

you missed that, it has screwed you, and we need to form a good relationship with your generation, which thinks about as fast as a computer, but cant calm the fuck down, and can't figure out what to do, or more importantly- what not to do.

more on that later.

more on all this later.

you can follow my work at which i need to update some stuff at, but the links are good in the center column. It is a blended document- sitting between two timelines- present and future, and thus is collecting data as a waypoint out there on the web, not machine data- but human data.

i am putting both versions of something out at the same time, and as a feedback mechanism to iterate a particular aspect of my design that i need to figure out. this is the equivalent of putting several types of ingredients of food all in little piles, mixing them together on the ground in the dirt, covering it up, and then adding some water, and leaving it be .

something will grow. i want to see what grows. so i can decide what to plant next. :)

## or by joining – cruelty free social networking for the future (i have spent 20 yrs thinking about this and the last two testing software configurations online with people – and put in about 6,000 hours into this over two years... its ready. and it doesnt suck... go join us. no algorithm, no tracking, built by a respectful human that is building a 40-50 year plan to re harmonize humanity...

again more later. that is called the realized network. real eyes, real minds, real dreams, real lives- reality, teamwork, focused joy- produces natural actions without tensions formed of concern and care, which is love- everything has multiple states.

love isn't a unipolar thing. which is why so many people have so much a hard time understanding themselves. (or others.)

love is both care and concern. care (is the love aspect) concern is the (observation+emotion+logic+primal) section. anytime the primal section is involved there is = +action+, so you had better believe it is utilized to control systems, which control people.

anyway... i gotta eat.,,,, and a few others you can find me on all the time. and all of it flows through and is my business card

but ask me about the naming strategy for domains and for example is a top level meta pointer

but then i also own

and or some combination of the important ones there logically with how people understand the symbols, and then an opportunity for direct segue and timing linkage to transitional systems with the other domains- based on the neurolinguistic potentiation of stored stories triggering activation potential to adopt a new system that fixes the old trauma when it's ready to be upstreamed into the pipe, (mostly when its coded and i do need help) haha

and then that thing goes off as a module into the world and does its designed work, and people can think about one aspect of their conditioned lives in a fully new way, and by this kind of method and building new systems that over take the problems of the old one fixing them, but not interfereing with any existing system...

all im doing is respecting the earth, and trying to reduce total entropy , inside us, which reduces total entropy outside us.

and hopefully, someday, we can all fucking get along.

but we need artists that are scientists like myself to get this shit done, and everyone else to cooperate with us, and not think we are weird. we love you. and we are just like you, but have different perspective, and you are no less a person if you aren't actively trying to fix the world! if you dont know what to do,

dont do anything- its not time yet. just focus on loving yourself and those around you, and do one small thing you would automatically put off when you see it- instaneously as a game, to build little ego victories and force yourself without pain, or struggle, to say just pick up that thing as you leave the room and throw it away, if thats something you dont do, or if you are out and tired, just think do i really need that thing today? probably i have been thinking this all day chasing it, when i can just go home and get it another day. i forced that day and now i was tired and had all the things, but you drive home and are miserable. its all balance....

balance balance...

i mentioned i was going to go eat lunch and then wrote another 4,000 characters. or so. but i would have felt imbalanced in my design flow of today not having said that- since i was reading anthonys comment yesterday and the discussion going on in the post.

so by writing those extra characters and electively choosing to do that extra work before i get up to eat, it brings ME into more balance with my emotional self, because the work i am doing is meant to help people activate their own healing and take it into their own hands, physical, emotional, mental, and otherwise- the whole package.

also, i spent a few hours playing with a short link generator last night, one that i have ran for about a year or so, and really enjoy . i want to have that in the network, and am working on an anti-spam interface that doesn't lock anyone out of using it. by accident. i can create user accounts and thats probably easiest, and then i will just use the api built into the app to roll a safe and sandboxed access point for generating singular urls as a one off. in fact i have for that, already.

i think the shortener will be which is where it is right now.

so perhaps you see where this is going

algorithms are equations that are either in part or full related in some way to the laws of absolutes that we understand about mathematics, physics, geometry, etc.

even the parts in your laptop and phone are built to numerical values of natural systems. in true pi, (not the irrational geometric anti-pode we are taught is pi in school), but the natural doubling sequence of 3.142856112224448996 and onward infinitely, as you notice

water never stops moving. you may have seen it adsob and go away but its still moving somewhere else.

sulfur, carbon, hydrogen, potassium, and nitrogen, and a few others are the essential building blocks of biological organization but not how we learn in school. they are entirely contained functional systems- elements. they are miniature universes, of a sort, in what they do. (the rest is more complicated about that).

okay so then we have stuff like DMSO. it is like sulfur in its function. it divies up electrical charges, and directs the geometry lattices in its particular way. but they are all integral and all follow geometric laws, physical laws, etc- and not the crap we learned in school in advanced math- but like that, just different . what we learned are permutations of the truth, much like a stereo isomer in chemistry. is like yerba mate caffiene and coffee caffiene. one is CIS one is T, etc blah blah simple terms one fits to make more, one fits to make less, but both are the same exact molecule. whta we regard as caffiene.

so thus we actually begin to re define the way we see the human body entirely, and this aids a great deal in understanding the world around us, because it is a larger version, for the most part. and in most regards we are exactly it, but this is complicated, and not as well.   internal entropy and total agglomera depending.

but yeah like all i am getting at

is until we understand what the fuck we do the things we do for we will never understand algorithms. or anything remotely simple that performs complex functions, such as an algorithm...

we have to dig deeper. until we figure ourselves out. and truly nobody has, myself included   but we keep going. each day we have the choice to push intwowards new perspective empowerment, or we perhaps lose our minds in the psychic planetary energy and just do nothing. but one must then dig deeper the next available visible opportunity. make it. life is an action sport. capitolism is not an action sport. it is about drawing square lines over squiggly ones, and then having their friends make laws to allow them to chop up the squiggly lines, and move them all around, and make something different. everyone that buys into the squiggly line system, is utilizing and totally a part of the matrix. in that sense. however i am not against the squiggly line people.

i think they're humans too. and probably trying to solve the same problems i see, but just not doing a good job, and i want to fix the stuff that has fallen between the cracks for the last 2,000 years. anyway i've already spent 30 years thinking about it, and a full year deciding it was a good idea, and 7 years arriving at that decision, and now i am almost 38. ha or am i. i cant remember anymore. but i was born in jan 83.

i own about 300 websites right now. i am in the process of studying natural systems, collecting peoples life stories, and looking for talented people who see the beauty and utility in saving the planet by re-formulating technology to respect natural entropic eco-systems order of the planet (coding a data flow the same way a leaf grows, at decision points being inter-nodes on the leaf, and logic only flowing in the direction of what nature would do) , thus eliminating some programming routines, and thus eliminating certain things, like that dont make sense in the natural world. the undo button.

and that one is going to take a while. but i can see it clearly.

ask yourself this. can a tree grow itself half way, and then magically “undo” itself in the forest, and dissaper into atomic nothingness? ————– ill wait, but the answer is no. ——-

then why, do you and the tree – you writing a MS word doc using fracked aether bottoms electrified over a global quantum wire and exchange system of electrical storage and discharge and transmission sites and centers. is any different than the tree using electricity and aether from the earth where it comes naturally, digging deep down for all those goodies, the same shit we find at the bottom of petroleum after refinement. those are the goodies. those are the types of elements mentioned above.

those are the prima materia of the earth. but fracking is un natural, and thus really messes up a lot, but the point is there is a total control over a “false” holography- and mesh – here on earth but it is not a totally controlling system. in fact it's not even designed to ruin anyones life. from what i can tell. it is just actually reallly poorly designed, over all.

and for two simple reasons: there is no functional scalar of humanity across a management system that requires you force literally everyone to do what you want them to and nothing else.

But- for those who buy into it, it does reduce global entropy and keep all those people who for lack of a better way to put it- are not contributing terribly large amounts of anything in terms of visible largess of impact, other than love,( and see therein even there are trappings of how we must use words... for i am humble and loving and i there sounded as if i was to be desired to be viewed as better because im trying, and that isnt accurate either.

because i want to try does not make me a better person or a worse person than someone who isnt currently trying. you may not be ready to try yet, and all that has happened is someone has noticed you may have a result they understand, if you do try, and worse off- when they want you to have THEIR experience, and really really love you. Ask me how I know about this one, and I'd have to spend a few months talking with you about my parents.

if you expand this out to several thousand place values, you will find the stoage values for hard drives and stuff all up from when you were akid

———— there are one or two distinct discongruent jumps but intentionally left cleaved as such because they're drop points for conceptual delineation at later created opportunity. ——

—in the interest of balance, i have to attend to other aspects of the cog wheels now. —


(this is a rough draft of a response to the following:) at fb

thanks, -Omar // .:. your humble engineer and dinosaur wrangler.

Hi I'm Omar. We live in a very complicated world, that does not need to be.

I build things that make peoples lives better. The computer should take second seat to human evolution, not the other way around.

-the idea has been 'in development' since I was a kid.
– this isn't it, but it's the beginning, you are welcomed to come on board and build your dreams along with me. -this is a site designed after natural systems, to reduce chaos and make things more enjoyable, easier, and useful. Also, oddly that automatically makes you get more done.
-eventually, will be a part of this giant thing i am building,

called “the realized network.”

The Realized Network. Real Eyes, Real Emotions, Real Minds, Real Actions Realized.

I wrote an article on mytribes and then realized I'd not actually launched this blog yet officially, so I will paste the article text here from -there-

since the two projects dove tail. is the start of both the public release and the public inform that is here for them to use, without ads, for free, and enjoy. just follow the terms of service. there are only two rules. the golden rule is #1, and don't do anything patently illegal is rule #2. also, it mentions that we will respond to law enforcement requests, but really don't want to ever have to, so just be a good person please.

you can join for free today in under a few minutes, or spend an eternity until the sun sets or you get bored designing your profile. What do I mean? Well for starters you get a rich text formatting editor to make pretty colors, stick photos, videos, or other things in your profile..

YES YOUR PROFILE. Now get in here, that's just the tip..

If you find it hard to remember addresses you will love this. Part of the realized network is a magic web address shortening tool. You put the long address in, just like bitly or a big corporate one.

But the one in the realized network follows the way a human brain thinks to remember it- for example:

takes you to the page where I have all my blogs I write in. The shortener would let you pick something if it was not taken like,

or whatever it is you wish to shorten. :–)

// [] — that article:

Philosophy of Multi Thing

So, essentially, this is a philosophy group dedicated to discussing not arguing our most complex and pressing social problems. In a respectful, collaborative sense, and also we need to be building the future, today. There is a very big effort I am working on which basically can be summed up as:

“i am re-engineering existing systems and imagining future ones to encorporate critical aspects of natures design systems, and principles- into a system that people will use on the internet, to back engineer their consciousnesses- in such a way that it triggers a remembrance of their already there, lay -low instinctual DNA. “

I want the computer to take second command to the human, and this is fundamental to all the stuff i am working on coding either myself or collaboratively with others. I do need help coding though...

To be good to each-other and embody the values we all share as humans and desire- respect, compassion, to not lie cheat or steal, to cooperate and treat others respectfully – to help where you can or know how, and these good things.

This is a multi part deal, a big part of this is re learning and altering in a positive useful way our relationship with technology.

An unspoken and ofen unthought of thing which changes when you alter the pre-dominant mechanism in this regard is people find that many problems they used to have, are now eliminated and no longer exist. Like having to choose between two versions of the same product, one known to have harmful effects and one very expensive but is really what you would have wanted each time. With these systems I'm building, you will have more money left over if you use them, the systems that is.

You will have more money left over because you will have spent more time interacting and building relationships and things with real people, because of the way the websites im making are designed. Does that make sense? Because most websites are designed for commerce, and they have teams of psychology experts that help design major websites, right down to the way it asks you stuff, and the colors they use, or the shape of a button. You would be surprised...You really would. it's kind of amazing, but not in a good way. My projects are the reverse of that, but without seeking to destroy anything capitolistic- because well- it's not a good idea, and it's not in my nature to destroy things. If they are not meant to exist, they will tear themselves apart naturally, it is not my job or interest to interfere...

You will also notice, that I was very adament about the point that i am not against money. I am not. Money is a representation of human energy. It's clearly not subject to the rules and natural laws of the universe, otherwise it wouldnt be allowed to cause so many problems, but that's because the rules are what cause the problems, and the rules are not designed in accordance with natural systems. Money is NOT the problem. The way the systems are designed are the problem.

I am working on that, but at the same time- not interested in, and working VERY carefully to not pose even the semblance of a threat to the established systems and doctrines. No, I do not want to destroy them, or even see them fail. I want to have them eat crow, realize they fucked up, and let me work in peace, and that I'm on their side, except I am not interested in controlling everyone in some minority report sci fi shit way.

and honestly, I don't think they are either. There is so much weird shit going on, and yes- I know for a fact anti-gravitic devices exist, among other super exotic shit you would not believe and i am not about to discuss, publicly probably ever- not in this kind of forum, form or functional utility- perhaps in a private conversation in person. The information is just too dangerous with what people dont understand that surrounds it, and this even in itself is complicated. lol. but it's not. The way the world has been it would be very very bad and in ways you cant imagine, like i mean take ten hits of acid then watch horror movies ways you cant imagine, but some lattitude of reality that just really , really sucks and has nothing to do with clowns or bad film thematics. What i mean in plain english, is i dont think the govt is our enemy. I just think they're a lumbering bunch of dinosaur that has real good people in there, trying to do real good things, and a few lumbering jackasses making the rest of them look like the most evil people on the face of this planet. Honestly, if they were evil, all of them, they would have just dropped a 30lb hunk of phosophorous out of an airplane and ended everyone.

have a lovely afternoon, this is more than enough to chew on. I will respectfully stop here, for both of our sanity- and my time. It's a busy day, got a lot of other things to attend to I've committed my time to. :)

We need to use the computer as a tool to our collective evolution to achive new human goals, not to become computers, or to react to existing deadlines, or watch movies. We have this fucking incredible tool here and we as a species are not using it correctly, or even to any degree of its potential. We figured out how to turn it on. But the level of organization in so far as actually evolving our species with this thing is staggeringly non-existent, or protean in the sense that it is very disorganized. I guess my gift then is that of a organizer, or a giant bendy string that gets this all to play nice together. I will shephard all of those sites I've seen so far into the realized network.

that's what it's called by the way, and as founding members of mytribes, all of you automatically are a part of

too, bringing a new evolution of sense of the computer as a tool to achieve NEW goals, not to just react to existing deadlines, and to watch movies on. There is a lot of operant psychology going on here, but you don't have to worry about anything unless you like that shit, then i am happy to have the help. just use the stuff i build. the rest will literally happen by itself.

Plus, there are art and leisure activities planned in the network, and a LOT of other things too.

Llike productivity tools, tools to bring in your other websites so you can read them faster, but just the best parts that you define and set up yourself, or you can let the system learn from you- but then it will ask you, much like your own mind-

would prompt you, after some time, it would say it seems these new settings are working do you want to keep them?

  • but it would only ask you if you exhibited browsing behavior that say, made it appear you were outside walking circles around a tree. or bending over figuratively (in a data computer task metaphor) but not picking it up successfully – the system would know that i am designing, and ask you if you're really wanting this or not, because it's identified it as being a waste of your time, based on how it knows you already can work.

There is no measure of efficiency other than the user, it grows with you. It's not like an external , oh the user clicked too slowly, so they must be stupid and we will now ask them if they are sure. NO WRONG 100% the opposite of that lol.

I want the computer to take second command to the human, and this is fundamental to all the stuff i am working on coding either myself or collaboratively with others. I do need help coding though...

thanks, -Omar // .:. your humble engineer and dinosaur wrangler.

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